Creative Process

What is Creativity? It is defined as the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Creativity is the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form. The term generally refers to a richness of ideas and originality of thinking. (Concise Encyclopedia)

Creativity takes courage.

~Henri Matisse

Many people have a fuzzy idea of what creativity is but quickly say they’re not creative. Do you want to take your business to a new level but often say “But that’s too hard/costs too much money/is not possible?” Are you willing to fail several times or even once before your idea can come to fruition? Do you listen to the masses of NO or to your inner YES? How do you grow your idea? Do you find it difficult to come up with the ideas? Or do you have a hard time bringing your idea to life. Do you trust yourself? How open are you?

Creativity is an invitation to possibilities. It’s not just about painting a masterpiece, erecting a building or making a new invention. It is the creative thinking behind the scenes, how you approach problems or barriers and pursue the solutions, resources and energy to solve them.

At Ananata, we believe the best way to grow an idea is to partner with you through an incubation period of trust and support. Ananta believes creativity is a curious mindset that is followed with a series of actions that is embraces an open and energized attitude. We will hold a non-judgmental space for your idea to grow. We move your idea from thought into reality through the coaching process of asking powerful questions, deep conversation and investigation, centered wisdom.